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This blog explores points of contact between communication practices nowadays and in antiquity, and puts recent research done by the EVWRIT-team in the picture.

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How to Thank the Gods: ‘Religious Language’ in Greek Verse Inscriptions? (12/11/2023) - By Dalia Pratali Maffei Postdoctoral researcher, Ghent University   The special form and function of religious languages Have you ever thought that speaking to the supernatural permeates our everyday life? Prayers, words of thanks, and blasphemies are heard and performed… Read more

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Lectures for a broad audience

  1. Bentein, K. Grieks in Egypte. Papyri als bron voor historisch-sociolinguïstisch onderzoek. Lecture given at the Lingua Graeca als Lingua Franca! De Griekse taal door de eeuwen heen (Ghent, December 18, 2019).
  2. Roumanis, E. How Atticism saved Greek from Itself: Contested Language Ideologies in Modern Greek Lexicography. Lecture given at the Lingua Graeca als Lingua Franca! De Griekse taal door de eeuwen heen (Ghent, February 19, 2020).

Popularizing publications

  1. Roumanis, E. 2021. Atticist lexica and Modern Greek dictionaries: a brief comparison of (negative) lexicographical labelling. Tetradio 29.
  2. Bentein, K. 2021. Grieks in Egypte. Niet-literaire teksten als bron voor historisch-sociolinguïstisch onderzoek. Tetradio 29.
  3. Cattafi, E. “Like Athena out of Zeus: Why classicists need to contribute (more) to Wikipedia” (Brill’s blog “Humanities Matter”): https://blog.brill.com/humanitiesmatter/cattafi_why_classicists_need_to_contribute_to_wikipedia.html

Videos and podcasts

Kon Cleopatra niet spellen? by Geert de Mol for Wetenschap Uitgedokterd / Science Figured out (21/01/2021)


  1. “Write like an Egyptian”: inleiding op Griekse papyrusteksten by Geert de Mol
    Workshop presented at Sint-Theresiacollege te Kapelle-op-den-Bos (04/11/2019), Peellandcollege Deurne (23/01/2020), College Ieper (04/03/2020), Heilig-Hart&College Halle (14/02/2020), Atheneum Halle (14/02/2020).
    To be presented at Doorprik de mythe! Online Onderzoeksfestival voor scholen. (online, March 19, 2021)
  2. At school with Ptolemaios: learning Greek in Graeco-Roman Egypt by Yasmine Amory
    Workshop to be presented at Doorprik de mythe! Online Onderzoeksfestival voor scholen. (online, March 19, 2021)


If you would like members of the EVWRIT-team to give a workshop at your organization, please contact us via klaas.bentein@ugent.be

Doctoral/summer Schools

  1. “Modern linguistic approaches to languages from the past.” This was a one week intensive course aimed at familiarizing PhD students of ‘Ancient’ languages or previous stages of modern languages with modern linguistic frameworks. (May 14, 2019) You can find more information on the course here: SpecialistCourse
  2. “Introduction to Arabic. A one week intensive introductory course of Classical Arabic, 23-27 August 2021 at Ghent University, organized in collaboration with OIKOS. By Fokelien Kootstra and Simon Ford. For more information see: https://www.rug.nl/research/research-let/onderzoekscholen/oikos/calendar/2021/0823-27-classical-arabic For registration and inquiries please contact: fokelien.kootstra@ugent.be